About Slocem

SLOCEM, Slovenian Cement Producers Association is an Economic Interest Group (GIZ), whose members are both cement producers in Slovenia, Lafarge Cement Ltd. Trbovlje and Salonit Anhovo Joint Stock. Co.

It all began in March 2003 with the letter of intent between Salonit Anhovo and Lafarge Cement. Association of Slovenian Cement Producers was founded in accordance with Companies Act (ZGD-1) on the first Assembly on 19. May 2003 in Nova Gorica as Economic Interest Group. This means that members promote their common interests through the Association. In the foundation document the main objective of the Association was declared, that is to accelerate the activities of their members and to improve the results of cement industry.

In June 2003 the Association became an associate member of the European Association. After Slovenia became a member of the European Community, all the conditions have been met and the Association of Slovenian Cement Industry became a full member of CEMBUREAU on 1. July 2004.

With the membership in the European Association CEMBUREAU we have also assumed certain obligations, as for example the annual membership fee, which depends on production capacity and other similar obligations, such as providing data and information about the cement industry in Slovenia and also participating in the bodies of CEMBUREAU.   As the Slovenian Association of cement industry we can act as equal interlocutors with institutions in Slovenia, such as Ministries, Agencies and other official institutions in the process to adopt regulations or in any other activities.

In 2010 the association changed its name to SLOCEM Slovenian Cement Producers Association. The Association’s headquarter is in Ljubljana, 63 Dunajska Street. General managers of both cement plants are the members of the Board; one of them is a President of the Board with a two-year mandate.