About Cembureau


CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association based in Brussels, is the representative organization of the cement industry in Europe. Currently, its Full Members are the national cement industry associations and cement companies of the European Union. Non EU countries associations can be involved as an Associate member of Cembureau.

The Association acts as a spokesperson for the cement industry before the European Union institutions and other public authorities, and communicates the industry's views on all issues and policy developments concerning technical, environmental, energy and promotion issues.

A permanent dialogue is maintained with EU institutions, international authorities and other internationals associations. The Association is actively involved in the drafting of laws and regulations affecting the operation of cement industry, serviced by a multi-national staff in Brussels and with the input from its Members via five Working Groups.

Area of working: Climate change &CO2, Energy and Materials resources, State of the art in cement manufacturing including IPPC, emissions, BREF and BAT, Health and Safety at work, Marketing of Cement and Products.

Working groups deal with issues that are one of the most important and most pressing for cement industry. The groups consist of experts from various associations and cement companies. Various activities are underway also within other working bodies that are set up on an ad hoc basis, according to needs and directly reporting to the appropriate Working Group. 

An important area of work within the Association is also collecting data on how all members are functioning: from the production data, sales information, material resources consumption, energy and others. The data is published in annual reports and is useful for cement companies in order to monitor trends and competitiveness. Thus, it gives an access to the European data statistics and a direct comparison with other European cement companies is possible.

CEMBUREAU plays a significant role in the worldwide promotion of cement and the ready-mix and precast concrete industries, in co-operation with Member Association and other relevant organizations. The Association regularly co-host conferences on specific issues aimed at improving the market perception of the concrete industry and promoting the use of generic cement and concrete products. In addition, the Association regularly commissions studies to evaluate specific issues of importance to the industry.

CEMBUREAU has 27 members bringing together 183 producers of cement from all over Europe. National associations can have more members, such as Turkey 44, followed by Poland with 22, Germany 21, Italy 17, Spain 15, as well as smaller organizations such as Slovenia, with three, two or even one member, like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Luxemburg, Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Belgium.